Habib Mohammedi

Visiting Scholar, Ph.D. Candidate
(Sep, 2015 - Mar, 2016)
Obtained Ph.D. June, 2016

Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology, Gorgan University in Iran

Habib Mohammedi

Dr. Mohammadi obtained his PhD in Fisheries Aquatic Ecology from Gorgan University (Iran) in June, 2016. His dissertation was a Limnological Study and Fish Stock Assessment of Golbolagh Lake, in Iran. At the end of his Ph.D. candidacy, Mohammadi spent six months as a Visiting Scholar with the Jordaan Lab at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In the field, he focused on alewife habitat and feeding, zooplankton diversity and water sampling in several lakes in New England. Currently he works at Kurdistan University (western Iran) studying limnology and freshwater lake restoration of.

Research Interests are:

1. Aquatic fisheries ecology, freshwater biology

2. Trophic evaluation in aquatic communities

3. Restoration of freshwater ecosystems, conservation of aquatic biodiversity

4. Plankton and food web study in freshwater

5. Community-based and inland fisheries management