Our vision of aquatic biology and ecosystem science extends from the head of river systems to the open ocean. We examine the complex interactions of physical oceanography and human activity on natural aquatic systems as they play out over different regions and time periods.

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Historical Dams on New England Watersheds

Interdisciplinary research initiated at Stony Brook University allowed us to cumulatively track historical dams built on Maine watersheds and estimate habitat lost to anadromous species over the past 400 years. A follow up paper documented the lost biomass and potential ecological consequences of habitat loss. Historical research has been expanded…

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As a historical marine ecologist, I like linking eamples from the past to present conditions. The effects of dams on salmon and alewives has been well documented. By preventing anadromous fish from reaching spawning grounds and reproducing, dams cut into natural population abundance, and may eventually eliminate genetically distinct populations.…